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The Everyday Difference: A Community Project

I was recently invited to be part of an online community project called The Everyday Difference, which was curated and hosted by the lovely Ruth Poundwhite.

This inspiring month-long project was about “exploring the ways in which creatives and business owners are making a difference in the world, no matter how small, no matter how ‘quietly’.”

Every day in July 2019, Ruth shared content via email from a variety of creatives and business owners talking about what it means to them to make an everyday difference with their work or platform.

On day 14 of July my submission was shared, a poem titled Breathe & Write.

Here I am, leaving notes for my daughter,
Littering the digital space with soulful stories she can discover.
I write of superficial thoughts, uncomfortable learnings, tailored beliefs.
I share fragments of my simple and complicated everyday.
I laugh, I am intentional, I love the outdoors, I down coffee.

The full poem can be read here.

Writing my submission for the project was a great exercise for me in pushing past my discomfort and finding the confidence to give myself snaps for making an everyday difference.

Ruth has now collated the submissions from the project into an ebook, which features contributions from some of my favourite online creatives such as Hannah Bullivant and Sara Tasker.

“My hope is that these stories will empower and embolden us all to believe that our work matters, and give us the courage to share that work with the world.” – Ruth Poundwhite

To download The Everyday Difference ebook click here, and please feel free to share with your online community!


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